Using the natural surroundings to steady the camera

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Tripods are great for keeping a camera steady – but only if you’ve actually got a tripod with you! If you are shooting hand-held, and sans-tripod, you need to control three types of movement; up and down,left to right,and backwards and forwards. As anyone who has tried to shoot hand-held at a low shutter speed will testify, it is extremely difficult to stand stock still,let alone hold a camera so it is devoid of movement. The solution is to turn yourself into a tripod; you have two legs already so you need to find a third one, and that often takes the form of a wall, fence post,...

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Change the strap to make yourself less obvious

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Manufacturers love customers to promote their products for free. For photographers this usually takes the form of a camera strap emblazoned with the manufacturer’s name, and usually the camera model too. Consequently everyone around you knows what camera you’ve got, and that means they also have a good idea of its value. If you like displaying your loyalty to Canon, Nikon, Sony or whoever, and you use the camera in totally safe areas it’s no problem, but have you ever considered the effect in less safe locations? In some parts of the world your camera is worth many times...

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Extra uses for your camera bag / rucksac

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It protects your camera and lenses, but it can do so much more. Here’s a few additional uses… Hang it from the underside of your tripod to add weight and make it more stable, especially in windy conditions. 2. Use it as a windbreak when photographing flowers and grasses. Place it between the wind and the subject, and you get an area of relative calm. 3. If the side zips off, and you haven’t got anything in the pockets, kneel on it when you shoot at ground level. It keeps your knees warm and dry. 4. Keep an old mobile phone in it, running a ‘lost phone’ app....

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Can’t shoot while wearing gloves?

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Photography in cold climates can be challenging enough, with condensation, batteries going flat in minutes, numb fingers and steamed up glass, etc. You slip on your gloves, warm up a little, then discover that the touch-sensitive controls of your camera refuse to work through gloved fingers. It’s just not fair. So, why won’t the controls work when you are wearing gloves? Well, the shutter button on many modern DSLR cameras is sensitive to changes in its own electrical field. Your finger can conduct electricity so, when you touch the button, you change the electrical field.  The...

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Space Blanket reflector

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Photography reflectors are usually white,silver or gold coloured sheets that are positioned to reflect light onto the subject. They are great for filling in shadows , highlighting a model’s hair, etc, but they aren’t always easy to carry around with you. They tend to be either large and solid sheets, or fabric in a springy circular frame that can be twisted into a smaller disk and stored in a carry case. Neither is small and light. Consequently there will be times when you could use one outdoors,but you didn’t bring it with you because of the weight and inconvenience. Space...

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Boosting localised lighting with an LED torch

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Some situations benefit from a little more light, not in general illuminate everything way like a flash gun does, but in a more specific ‘highlight that beetle’ sort of way. A cheap and effective way is to use a modern LED torch/flashlight. In the past this wasn’t really a viable solution for three reasons; the light wasn’t truly white, the batteries were forever going flat, and when you dropped a torch with a filament bulb, the bulb broke. Today’s LED torches, however, have eliminated all three problems. The light is pure white, bright and consistent. The...

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