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Like any profession, hobby or past-time, photography has its challenges. Little problems crop up all the time. Perhaps you forgot the right filter, or you your flash is just too harsh, or you are off to explore somewhere new but want to say safe.

Here’s a ramdom selection of tips and articles addressing a few of those little problems and suggesting simple solutions.




How to Create a Monochrome Colour Wash Image In Photoshop

How to Create a Monochrome Colour Wash Image In Photoshop Monochrome colour wash images, essentially a mono-coloured black and white shot,  have long been part of the repertoire of digital artists. Theyare now finding favour on Facebook, Instagram and on web pages.  I...

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Swiss Cow

Shot of a Swiss cow, carefully positioned so the head seems to float in space, To get this effect I had to get low down and use a wide-angle lens close up to the cow's head.

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Using the natural surroundings to steady the camera

Tripods are great for keeping a camera steady - but only if you've actually got a tripod with you! If you are shooting hand-held, and sans-tripod, you need to control three types of movement; up and down,left to right,and backwards and forwards. As anyone who has...

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Change the strap to make yourself less obvious

Manufacturers love customers to promote their products for free. For photographers this usually takes the form of a camera strap emblazoned with the manufacturer's name, and usually the camera model too. Consequently everyone around you knows what camera you've got,...

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Extra uses for your camera bag / rucksac

It protects your camera and lenses, but it can do so much more. Here's a few additional uses... Hang it from the underside of your tripod to add weight and make it more stable, especially in windy conditions. 2. Use it as a windbreak when photographing...

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