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Like any profession, hobby or past-time, photography has its challenges. Little problems crop up all the time. Perhaps you forgot the right filter, or you your flash is just too harsh, or you are off to explore somewhere new but want to say safe.

Here’s a ramdom selection of tips and articles addressing a few of those little problems and suggesting simple solutions.




Can’t shoot while wearing gloves?

Photography in cold climates can be challenging enough, with condensation, batteries going flat in minutes, numb fingers and steamed up glass, etc. You slip on your gloves, warm up a little, then discover that the touch-sensitive controls of your camera refuse to work...

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Space Blanket reflector

Photography reflectors are usually white,silver or gold coloured sheets that are positioned to reflect light onto the subject. They are great for filling in shadows , highlighting a model's hair, etc, but they aren't always easy to carry around with you. They tend to...

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Boosting localised lighting with an LED torch

Some situations benefit from a little more light, not in general illuminate everything way like a flash gun does, but in a more specific 'highlight that beetle' sort of way. A cheap and effective way is to use a modern LED torch/flashlight. In the past this wasn't...

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Increasing snowfall,mist, fog or rainfall in the air.

When its raining, foggy or the snow is falling, but it isn't as much as you'd like, you can use flash to exaggerate the amount of precipitation in the sky. By firing the flash when you take the shot you blast every water particle or snowflake with light, greatly...

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Not got your bean bag with you?

Beanbags have become a valuable tool for photographers, acting as a simple, but useful, alternative to a tripod . Beanbags are easily molded to a surface and provide a good support for the camera when perched on walls, the ground, or  uneven / rough surfaces. ...

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Secure the focus ring so it can’t drift.

There are some situations where you focus manually, but don't take the shot straight away. Such situations tend to come about because your subject moves quickly and you won't have time to focus and still get the shot.Wildlife and nature shots are classic examples...

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