St Paul’s Cathedral

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Recently I was commissioned to work on an advertising campaign for St Paul’s Cathedral, in London. Although it’s an important religious building, St Pauls is also a place where anyone can escape from the frenzied London atmosphere, find peace and quiet, buy a coffee, climb the dome for amazing views across London, or simply be a tourist and soak up the stunning architecture. It’s these many roles that the Cathedral wanted to highlight ,so the shoot promised to be varied, yet tightly targeted.

Here’s one that didn’t make it to the final selection process, simply because we don’t know who she is. When using images for advertising, you must have permission from anyone you in the image who could be identifiable… and for this shot I was too far away to attract her attention and talk to her.  Luckily, for editorial purposes, I can still use the shot here though 🙂

So here we are, a brightly dressed lady gazing up into St Paul’s famous dome, whilst standing in the dead centre of the compass set out on the floor.

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