Photography in cold climates can be challenging enough, with condensation, batteries going flat in minutes, numb fingers and steamed up glass, etc. You slip on your gloves, warm up a little, then discover that the touch-sensitive controls of your camera refuse to work through gloved fingers. It’s just not fair.

So, why won’t the controls work when you are wearing gloves? Well, the shutter button on many modern DSLR cameras is sensitive to changes in its own electrical field. Your finger can conduct electricity so, when you touch the button, you change the electrical field.  The button knows it has been touched, and the controls light up.

Normal gloves don’t conduct electricity, they get between you and the button so nothing happens no matter how hard your press.

The solution is to wear touch-sensitive gloves, the same as the ones worn by people using their touch-screen phones in cold weather.  These gloves have conductive fibers woven into the finger tips so the button can still make electrical contact with your finger through the glove.

Problem solved: Warm fingers AND your DSLR controls work as intended.

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