Manufacturers love customers to promote their products for free. For photographers this usually takes the form of a camera strap emblazoned with the manufacturer’s name, and usually the camera model too. Consequently everyone around you knows what camera you’ve got, and that means they also have a good idea of its value.

If you like displaying your loyalty to Canon, Nikon, Sony or whoever, and you use the camera in totally safe areas it’s no problem, but have you ever considered the effect in less safe locations?

In some parts of the world your camera is worth many times the local annual wage, and even in some very refined locations there are plenty of pickpockets and opportunists ready to liberate a valuable camera from it’s owner.  When you use your manufacturer designed strap in such places, remember that it is actually saying ‘This person has untold wealth around his/her neck’. You wouldn’t walk around with a sign on your back stating ‘Ive got £4000 / $5000 in my pocket, so why are you doing it with a camera around your neck?

It’s really very easy to find an unbranded strap for your camera,or you can make your own. Either way you become less obvious, you stop  telling every opportunist thief the make and model (and thus value) of your camera, and consequently you make yourself less of a target for theft or mugging.


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