It protects your camera and lenses, but it can do so much more.

Here’s a few additional uses…

  1. Hang it from the underside of your tripod to add weight and make it more stable, especially in windy conditions.

2. Use it as a windbreak when photographing flowers and grasses. Place it between the wind and the subject, and you get an area of relative calm.

3. If the side zips off, and you haven’t got anything in the pockets, kneel on it when you shoot at ground level. It keeps your knees warm and dry.

4. Keep an old mobile phone in it, running a ‘lost phone’ app. There are plenty of them available for Android and iPhones, designed so you can find your phone when you’ve put it down somewhere. Unlike a GPS tag for your bag, the cost is insignificant – almost nothing if you have an old phone and a pay as you go SIM card.  If leave the camera bag behind on location, or it gets stolen, just access the app on your usual phone to locate the bag on Google Maps. If you know it’s nearby, just ring your second phone and listen…

5. Add a distinctive logo / decal to the bag so you can instantly recognise ‘your’ bag when other photographers are around.

6. In the absence of a tripod or beanbag, rest the camera on the bag, nestle it in so it is stable, and shoot from there.

7. It makes a great back rest to keep you comfortable and warm while you sit there waiting for your shot.

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