Tripods are great for keeping a camera steady – but only if you’ve actually got a tripod with you!

If you are shooting hand-held, and sans-tripod, you need to control three types of movement; up and down,left to right,and backwards and forwards. As anyone who has tried to shoot hand-held at a low shutter speed will testify, it is extremely difficult to stand stock still,let alone hold a camera so it is devoid of movement.

The solution is to turn yourself into a tripod; you have two legs already so you need to find a third one, and that often takes the form of a wall, fence post, telegraph pole or a tree.

Stand in front of it and lean back slightly to rest on it. Get comfortable with your back pressed firmly up against your third leg of choice, and hold your camera into your chest.

By maintaining firm contact with the ‘third leg’ you eliminate all three types of movement. Any remaining camera movement is down to your pulse and breathing, so take a deep breath, exhale slowly..and click the shutter button.

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