Here’s one from a product shoot for the PaperDry waterproof clipboard produced by Laserware.

It’s a simple, but brilliant, product designed for absolutely anyone who has to work outdoors and use paper, whether its making notes, sketching diagrams or using a map. The PaperDry clip-board provides waterproof protection for the paper whilst still making it easy to write,make notes, use your map etc, so the brief was to show the product being used under adverse conditions.

The advertising images were shot on a rainy beach in the West Country with Chris Lucas, a highly-qualified Mountain Instructor, as the guy using it. As it happened , the weather on the day couldn’t have been better – no need for a water spray or faking it – in typical West Country style it absolutely chucked it down whilst managing to be sunny at the same time.

Chris and his map stayed bone dry, my camera kit stayed mostly dry (Canon pro kit is pretty waterproof anyway) and I’d say t was a very successful day.

Brief met, product images in the can and a happy client. I was so impressed by the PaperDry that Ive got one myself!